Gender Roles and Marriage

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The theme of gender roles and marriage are commonly referred in literary works that focus mainly on the dynamic of a family set up. This comparative paper shall focus on the two literary works; ‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin and ‘I’m going’ by Bernard Tristan. The two literary pieces I selected are my personal favorites and appropriate choices to discuss the theme of marriage and gender roles. The two pieces of literature focus on the marriage between Jeanne and Henri as well as Mr. and Mrs. Brently and Louise Mallard. In our society genders roles have become less important to a typically married couple. In this day in age you see women who are unwed with children playing both gender roles and vice versa for men as well. Although gender roles in a marriage are important, you will find that over the years a marriage is more teamwork, not specially a gender role. For instance, in the past society saw the man to be the one to take the leadership role in a marriage, presumably playing an active part in making decision for the household and ensuring that the expenses were taken care of. The woman on the other hand was expected to play the loyal role to the husband, supporting him in the decisions made and the accomplishments the man made that ensured prosperity in the home. One can say that during this period of time women were somewhat controlled by their spouses. It was just the way things were before women’s right movements came about and women started speaking up for equality. These two pieces of literature selected are fitting in demonstrating the role of the characters in relation to the gender and marriage roles. ‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin is a short story that was written in 1894, a time when women were repressed with no rights. Not only did women not have any rights in this era, they were expected to stay home and take of the household while
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