Gender Roles in Marriage

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Gender Roles in Marriage Group members: Heidi Boon, Kathryn Droege, Icie Herr, Kristen Jones, and Mark Osborne Soci 30 Introduction Gender roles play a major role in today's society and have throughout our history. They determined whether a woman in colonial times would be allowed out of her own house without her husband beside her. They were also a major issue as to whether women should be able to join the workforce. Gender roles decided who did the dishes and who mowed the lawn. Throughout history, gender roles, either imposed by society or created within the home, have altered dynamics within the home and society. However, gender roles have changed throughout time. Gender roles are the behaviors, attitudes, values and other things that a particular culture considers appropriate for males and females. Thanks to women's rights movements and other movements, gender roles have adapted over time. These traditional gender roles apply to married life and marriage in general, which is why it is so important to study. Gender roles, in effect, play a major role in the quality of a marriage and how people want their ideal marriage to be. There are egalitarian marriages, where everything is equal and there are traditional marriages, where the husband takes on the role as breadwinner and the wife fulfills the role of homemaker and does not do work outside of the home. These gender roles in marriage are the focus of our research project. The main purpose of our project is to see how college age people in today’s society view gender roles in marriage and to then compare those views to their background, to see if they were raised with these values or acquired them later on. We also want to see how these varying gender roles affect what the individual person believes their marriage will be like. We expect our study to make a small contribution to the overall
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