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I. Traveling around the world, many people have it written on their bucket list, but not too many get to make it a reality. However now a days, traveling is coming back, and better than ever, it is becoming more important than other important phases of life. For example, a recent study found that more women prefer to travel the world or live in another country over getting married. A. In another article, called “10 Reasons Why Women Aren't Getting Married”, traveling was third on the list. B. However it is not just women, in another survey with men, it showed traveling came in at first place, it fair to say, this new young generation of women and men, will more than likely travel than try and marry each other. 1. Some wonder why traveling has a higher value than marriage now a days, the answer may not be the same for every single individual, however some say it is more important because it is a way for someone to find themselves, and see who they really are, and what they really want. 2. People who are on the outside looking in at these individuals may think they are being selfish for just thinking of themselves and what they want, however truth is you are the captain of your own destiny, charting your own course, on a quest for total self-sufficiency and self-exploration. II. Although traveling can be done at any age, it might be wiser to do all the traveling you can while still being young. Some of the best and most interesting traveling can be done when traveling outside the United States. A. It is considered a better choice to travel while young so you won’t regret it later in life; you want to live life to the fullest, instead of day dreaming over what you could have done when you had the time and energy. 1. Traveling while young, you will have more energy to visit and withstand every single tour, sight-seeing the site
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