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Chad Bennett 3/21/2011 | Smart Car Case Study | Part A Introduction As our crazy world evolves around us, so have the millions of companies. Spending millions even billions of dollars to get an advantage on their competitors, just to figure out what we want as a consumer. What this case study is focus on is a unique car called the “Smart Car” created by Mercedes. This company is known for creating luxury cars that are more suitable for the higher income consumer. On the other hand this case study will also tell you how Mercedes has overcome their competition by the way they have built and market the car around consumer’s values. Some of these values include eco friendly and low-priced, which keeps becoming more of a significant part of consumer’s spending habits. This is caused by people still recovering from the recession. “On Dec. 1, 2008, the bureau announced that the United States economy had entered a recession on Dec. 1, 2007. On Sept. 20, 2010, it announced that the recession had ended in June 2009.”(N/A,2010). Still people are making due by cutting down on their costs for things, but they still want to do their part on helping out the environment. This leads us to the strengths and weaknesses of the Smart Car in part B. Part B – The Company (Internal Issues) Strengths B1 As I stated before, when you first think of Mercedes, the first impression you get is the quality of the car. You would think this by the style and also the price that they offer. But when you look at another company like Honda, their prices for their cars are much lower than Mercedes. So why do people still go for the Smart Car? Even thou the Smart Car is a fairly cheaper car, by having a car made by Mercedes a lot of people would think that the car would give an impression off to people. Impressions of the owner of the car might be that the owner is rich, or he/she
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