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Emily Marshall Professor Vinson W. Jaye English 101-101 Compare and Contrast Essay 13 March 2013 Corolla Versus Honda I will introduce how the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic are alike and different. Both of these cars are rated among the top rated vehicles in the country. If you are looking for a vehicle that is good on gas and a simple car to just get you from place to place then both of these cars are great choices, but which car is better? Let’s take a closer look at the differences and similarities are these two cars. The Toyota Corolla has a tad more room for passengers seating in the back seat than the Honda Civic. In the front seats the headroom and legroom are about the same in both of the cars. The Honda Civic owner would make less trips to the gas pump than the owner of the Corolla. If you are considering speed the Honda civic would be your best bet. The Corolla has less horsepower than the Civic, so it is probably a little slower. One of the number one deal breakers in determining which car to buy depends greatly on the price of the vehicle. Even though there in no major difference in the overall cost of these two cars. The Corolla will usually be your cheaper car. The MSRP of the Honda Civic is $21,880 where the Toyota Corolla is $17,475. There are some factors to consider when assuming the final cost, like if you will have to add destination charges. The bottom line of the two cars is the Honda Civic has a little more room, comfortable, economical, but it is now one of the most regular and blandest of the bunch. The Toyota Corolla is for anyone looking for trouble free transportation but is not looking for anything exciting. The likes of the Honda Civic include: Smooth, absorbent ride, roomy trunk, 44-mpg-Hybrid. On the dislike list are the bland styling, hard plastic dash board materials, hybrids low-speed drivability, flat, uncomfortable

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