Mark Mathabane Essay

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Ashle’a Jenkins Mr. Capps 18, June2012 My Father’s Tribal Rule Many people think of tribes or ancestors when the word ritual is mentioned, even though rituals are practiced by all different types of people from different backgrounds. Now day’s rituals are being practiced yearly, monthly and day to day. Mark Mathabane learned rituals at a very young age. In “My Father’s Tribal Rule,” Mathabane shared his experiences of growing up during the apartheid times in a poor stricken neighborhood in South Africa. Mathabane father was raised in the tribes, and he believed strongly in the values and purpose of rituals. The whole family had to participate and live by his father rules and rituals, Even though they were surrounded by modern things. Mathabane does not see things his way which caused a dagger in their relationship. Mathabane wanted to learn modern things like his friends and communicate with his friends by speaking other languages. Mathabane tried but could not escape his father tribalism. He made certain Mathabane followed all the family rituals or he would threaten him. Mathabane had begun to resent his father for forcing him tribalism. Mathabane thought they were nonsense; he was confused and didn’t understand the value and purpose of tribalism. Mathabane had no choice but to follow his family rituals and his father rules. Mathabane is right to feel differently from his father, because he is too young to understand the purpose of the rituals. Although some rituals have purpose and values, however they can sometimes be confusing or embarrassing. Some rituals can lead to you or someone else being embarrassed. Even though some rituals have a lot of value and purpose, some rituals can lead to someone being embarrassed by another’s action. Mathabane dislike when his father wore tribal
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