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Anthropology Notes 3/5/08 Santiago Atitlan Small town in the South West part of Guatemala 80% of Guatemalans are of Mayan decent Almost all the people in Santiago Atitlan are of Mayan decent The linguistic group they belong to is the Tzutujil (pronounced Chuchuchil) Spaniards invaded it about 450 years ago There was a temple there that the Spaniards tore down, and they rebuilt a new church there using the same blocks that they had from the last temple. However, the native people thought that there was just a new temple built, and still worshipped it the same. They worshiped catholic saints as if they were gods they deities they had always worshipped. (Saint Whatever = Deity X) The natives that lived there called their town Rumuxux…show more content…
3/11/08 Boys Initiation A boy is ready for initiation when he falls in love The Scat Mulaj gathers together and walks in the narrow streets of the village searching for all of the boys at their houses. They stand in front of the house with the sacred flute and drummer. A little girl come out and asks them what they want and then she tells him that her brother is not there. The boy then tries to run away by hopping over his fence and sometimes tries to go swim across the lake. There are people waiting for him so that he cannot get away. They do not want to go because they don’t want to be taken from their families, even though they understand they will get glory out of it. In traditional times, all boys had to go, but now because of evangelistic Christians, things have changed and not all kids go. The families of the boys curse at the Scat Mulaj and throw stuff at them because they don’t want them to take their sons. This process in which they take the boys proves that the boy is important in their village and the Scat wants to invest time in them because they believe that they are crucial to the…show more content…
Thomas in Houston In 1971 he was dismissed form the University for having an affair with one of his male students He met a 45 year old woman named Bonnie Lou Nettles, a nurse who was a member of the local theosophical society. She was a platonic helper of his They got into a world of dreams and visions and got into contact with space beings that told them that they should abandon worldly pursuits They moved to the coast of Oregon Marshall had a vision that he and bonnie were the two people spoken of in the Revelations. He thought they were going to be able to spit fire, and would wreak havoc on the world and 3 ½ years later they would be killed by their enemies and be taken to heaven in a spacecraft They believed in UFO’s and combined it into their teachings and they traveled After a few meetings, they got 150 followers. They started calling each other Bo and Peep They went to Denver, got more followers and then broke everyone up to go get more

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