Marion Shaub Fedex Lawsuit

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In the case of Marion Shaub, the HR department at FedEx failed by not taking the concerns of their employee seriously. When the initial complaint was filed with Marion's supervisors, a discreet investigation should have been conducted by an impartial party (not her direct supervisors) in order to determine if her concerns were valid. Instead, they put the safety of their employee at risk by not taking any action. In fact, the accused were made aware that these complaints were made against them which caused Marion to begin working in a hostile work environment. When the situation became worse, the supervisors should have been reprimanded or even fired for their lack of action and their involvement with the harassment. The safety of their employees should have been one of their greatest priorities, and they were actually lucky that no one was seriously injured. There are a number of actions that FedEx needs to take after this incident to prevent this from happening again. A harassment and discrimination seminar should be given to all new and existing employees in order to raise awareness of the seriousness of these issues. A strict written policy needs to be drafted by Board of Directors with the help of the HR department. This will outline the rules and regulations regarding discrimination and harassment. This will also include a procedure that the leaders in the company must follow when a complaint is filed. All employees in a leadership role with FedEx will need to have a clear understanding of these policies and procedures and should sign off that they are aware of the consequences if not followed. Raising the awareness of these issues and having a clear cut “no tolerance” policy would help to aid in the safety of all FedEx employees by preventing these types of incidents from happening in the future. This incident reflects negatively on FedEx as a company.
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