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Case Study 14.1: Bank of America Pg. 437 1. I think that Kenneth Lewis was done fore from the get go. I think that knowing the situation and the potential outcomes that he faced, he thought made the correct choice. In the end, the choice he made was probably the better of the two. He did step down as COB but still pretty much kept his place in authority at B of A. I would, if at all possible, tried my absolute best to avoid having to merge with a company such as Merrill Lynch. The CEO and his colleagues should've done their research and find that out for themselves. 2. I think that the error in decision making came because the CEO didn't know the terrible status of the company. I think that he thought he was alright to do what he did financially, even though spending that kind of money just to upgrade your office is absolutely ridiculous. The only thing that could've prevented that situation is for the CEO to have some common sense about how to spend your money or even know the company's standing. 3. I think that both CEO's should've let their employees know the status of what was going on, because it seemed that they had no idea of the things that were occurring. Also spending the company's money on a ridiculous renovation of the CEO's office is completely unethical. If it were me, I think the best thing to do to modify these decisions is to just focus on the responsibilities of both parties involved. The well being of both companies should have been considered above all by the companies

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