Hugh Mcbride Financial Services Case Summary

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Hugh McBride is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of McBride Financial Services. The company offers one-stop decreased mortgage services within the Dakota’s, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Huge McBride has been involved within discussions that maybe described as unethical or illegal in the scenario. Presented in this paper are the study of problems and issues that McBride Financial services could experience because of the lack of impecunious decisions carried out by the company’s CEO. Hugh McBride will address who the company’s stakeholders are, define the end-state vision, identify and evaluate alternatives, identify and access the risk of the alternatives, recommend optional solutions, create and implement solutions, and to access the outcomes. Beltway Investments are McBride Financial Services major investor. There are some that anticipate for the company to be run by implementing corporate governance. The company’s CEO has decided not to implement this option. The new CEO would rather operate the company without interference of the “money man.” Even though, this maybe a gamble due to corrupt the thinking that would affect Beltway’s public credit. Beltway Investments could not allow it to become…show more content…
Team members received emails from Hugh McBride requesting to list his board of directors’ choice. The team members encouraged to develop “flowery” presentations for approval from Beltway Investments. Because the board of directors operates independently, the CEO has recommended items that would be considered as a conflict of interest and unethical. Team members Betty B. and Betty W. have been awarded the opportunity to be a whistle blower and not become part of the negative behavior. Each of the two should address the wrongs that have been asked of them. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is foreign language to Hugh

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