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1. What do you think were the root causes for Chiquita’s actions in Colombia that ultimately led to their conviction? I think the most important root cause is the unrest in Columbia. FARC and ELN were founded and subsequently began their guerrilla insurgency campaigns against successive Colombian administrations. They threatened Chiquita to pay them protection fees, or they will kill the employees and other violent actions. The local government is not strong enough to change the unstable political environment. 2. Do you think Chiquita or its managers had a choice? Why or why not? I don't think they had a choice at first. Because in order to help company run smoothly and protect the employees’ lives, the company had to pay protection payment to the terrorists to keep them away. Besides, the unstable political environment didn't require them to ignore the threats from the terrorists. But later on, with the development of the company, they could have changed the attitude to the terrorists. They should have stopped paying the money so that they could save more innocent people’s lives and gained a good reputation, although all of them is at the cost of the low profit. 3. What other companies or industries do you think should be worried about Chiquita's experience? How does this story change your perspective…show more content…
For example, clothes making industry, which needs a lot of labors to work. So in this kind of industry, protecting the employees’ safe becomes the most important thing. On the other hand, the industry which relies on the plant that can only be grown in some certain places have to pay much attention to the local political, economic and social environment. Because they have few choices about the location of company, they have to take these factors into account carefully before the start the career. Once they get into trouble, it is hard to get out

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