Mba Chapter 2 Case Study Interwest Healthcare

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Case Study on Interwest Healthcare Shanair Mills Saint Leo University Case Study on Interwest Healthcare In this case study there are a few things that happened that might have caused the problem. The entire approach to the corrective training of data entry was not done tactfully. We are told that, “the hospital staffs are not being careful when entering data into the firm’s management system” (Brickley, Smith, &Zimmerman, 2009, p. 38). Manzoni is the CEO and gets the reports so she can verify that there is an issue. Singh should not have had to convince Manzoni that a problem exists. If there is a problem it should have been evident through the reports and not feelings or predictions on what may occur. The “meeting was acrimonious” (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2009, p. 38) that is a problem it means everyone was defensive and upset. Singh was basically conducting the meeting in a hostile way, attacking everyone for the errors that have been occurring. How can you get to the bottom of an issue if employees are upset of being accused of doing their job wrong? Manzoni should have been the one to conduct this meeting to stress the importance of doing the input correctly she is the chief executive officer (CEO). Employees basically rejected everything they were told because of Singh’s approach to the training and the way she talked to them, it is evident since the data entry worsened. Training should lead to improvement not a decline in the services. These are all potential sources of the problem. Given the chance to help the hospital become proficient and improve the data entry. There are a few things that I would want to analyze. First, review the various reports from the different hospitals in attempts to identify the commonalities throughout the hospitals in their data entry. A comparison of these reports to the archived reports would

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