Mao Sedong and Deng Xiaoping

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Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping both wanted a communist government for China. I feel that Deng Xiaoping was the better choice of the two leaders. His actions resulted in the improvement of the Chinese society. While, Mao Zedong appeared to do more damage than good for the Chinese people. Mao Zedong worked with the "Red Guards. The Red Guards were radical groups used to purify Chinese society of disorderly capitalist activists and enemies of the revolution. The Red Guards accused and brutalized their victims. There was constant turmoil and several people were severely punished or killed for disobedience to Zedong and his policies. Deng Xiaoping established “four modernizations” to help improve China as a society. “Industry, agriculture, technology, and national defense” were areas that were lacking in support and influence in Chinese civilization. People were encouraged to work hard to benefit themselves and Chinese society. Mao Zedong was the leader for the Chinese Communist Party which wanted to consolidate the power base and heal the wounds of war for China. “The CCP’s long term goal was to construct a socialist society. The goal could be achieved through adopting a moderate program of political and economic recovery known as New Democracy. Mao Zedong thought a socialist society would improve the industrial development of China. The leadership of Deng Xiaoping helped improved lifestyles for the Chinese people as they were allowed to buy more important items for their homes and have more personal freedoms, which were not available when Mao Zedong was in control. Mao Zedong created a program “The Great Leap Forward” which had disastrous results. “As many as 15 million people may have died of starvation and food production declined significantly.” He wanted to modernize through collective farms. His actions resulted in an agricultural problem. Under the leadership of
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