China'S Political Structure

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China is using the one-party system since it established in 1949. The Chinese Communist Party is the ruling party with absolute political authority within the state. Before China’s open-up, Chinese Communist Party was own highly control over society, politics, economy and ideology of the state. The Chinese communist Party fight with Japan in WW2 and replaced the Kuomintang (KMT) to become the ruling party of China. Stability and order is important for any country, especially in China. The historical institutional lessons made Chinese government more focus on the order and stability. stability is the sentiment of people, it representing the acceptance of what is being proposed. Order and stability are the pillar components to support the government, without order and stability, the government will collapse obvious. Deng Xiaoping(Deng) claimed that stability is the fundamental of any development in China. Political stability is the main force to maintain a steady society. And social stability is the cornerstone of political development such as democracy politics construction. At the same time, the political development also is the driving power to maintain the social stability in order to fulfill the aspirations of people such as reform. It is a kind of dynamic and growing stability. Also, the economic stability is interacting with social and political stability. Additionally, if China is suffer from instable and chaos, there will be an excuse for the western countries to intervene China’s internal affairs. Both the political, social and economic factors can affect the order and stability. Politically, Chinese government recognized that the existing express channels for people are insufficient. The quality and stability of political leading have a direct linkage with the satisfaction of citizens. It there is widespread of corruption and lack of
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