Manifest Destiny in the United States

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During the early to mid-1800s, many people living in the United States believed it was expected of the United States to fulfill their Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny is the idea that the United States is unique, in the aspect that they had a democracy, and that God watched over the entire country. John O’Sullivan introduced Manifest Destiny, publishing an essay in a magazine that stated that Manifest Destiny is the idea that it is God’s will that America should expand the boundaries as far as it possibly could. Many events throughout history including the Mormon Migration, the opening of Oregon, the war for Texas’s Independence, the Mexican War, and the Gadsden Purchase of 1853 helped the United States achieve their Manifest Destiny. The Mormon Migration came about when a man named Joseph Smith was “visited” by God, presented with the knowledge of God, and given the ability to read gold plates that were sent by God that provided the information for the Book of Mormons. Many people began to believe in this branch of religion, and follow the ways of the Mormons. However, others greatly despised this branch of religion,and they made it evident by avoiding all Mormons. Later on, a war broke out between the Mormons and the Non Mormons over their evident differences. Due to the war, the Mormons decided to migrate to an area, Great Salt Lake, to get away from other religions and sinful people. This migration led to further advances in the East to help expand our borders. The opening of Oregon also helped the United States expand their boundaries even further. In the 1830s, mainly three countries, the United States, Britain, and Russia, wanted to gain control of Oregon. Over time, people from all three countries had started to settle in Oregon, and the three countries shared Oregon to keep the peace. But, shortly after, the countries became greedy due to all the
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