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Eduardo Rivera Mr. Murray U.S History/A3 April 6, 2011 FCAs: 1. Organization: Essay should at least five fact-based evidence from Manifest Destiny Packet or the textbook. Highlight or italicize based evidence.(40 pts) 2. Style: Use at least two factors of Sprite.., to interpret the evidence above. Underline the factors of Sprite. (15 pts) 3. Conventions: 1.Include at least three FANBOYS, which should be highlighted 2. Essay must be type in 12 point font, Times New Roman and double- spaced. (15 pts) Manifest Destiny I believe that Manifest Destiny was mostly the result of Religious factors. It’s because the Anglo Americans believed on their religion that God bestowed them a right to spread their civilization across the continent. This lead to situations to Indians and Mexicans by showing them aside, redeemed, or exterminate if they recognized them, and they are taking away their land by forcing them to leave. It’s because there is a Picture showing a Lady, who’s representing America and carrying a bible, spreading light to the land of Native Americans because the Anglo Americans believed that their religion can vanished the darkness of the Native Americans’ culture and religion; furthermore, Anglo Americans also believed that the West needed the civilizing power of the hammer, the plow, the ballot box and the pulpit, for they have already transformed the East. This means they have already had civilizing power of the hammer on the East side of America. Also, Manifest Destiny also has some result of Ideology factors. It’s because John L. Sullivan wrote with thoughts about Americans proclaiming to the millions of the other lands that the gates of hell shall not prevail the powers of aristocracy. This lead to them to believing that nothing shall go through their highest social class and

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