Manifest Destiny Dbq

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DBQ Unsure interpretations of the Constitution were the main source of conflict within America between the years 1850-1861. Since a solid compromise had not been created to resolve measures, the slavery quandary within the territories was left ignored and unsolved. In order to keep tranquility within the country, the Constitution allowed slavery to continue, granting thirteen established colonies unity and consequently delayed the eruption of the Civil War for almost a decade. The Constitution contained many assorted compromises and acts for an option that everyone can agree on. Many counter arguments were formed upon what the constitution clearly states, for example the words ‘slaves’ and ‘slavery’ were nowhere to be found within the text of the Constitution and therefore protection of the slave system was annulled of being backed up constitutionally (Doc. E). The Constitution was interpreted differently and unpredictably, leading to sectional disunity and heavy tension between the North and the South. The South did not like what the Constitution stated, since southerners viewed slavery as an economic necessity. There were many contradictions against the Compromise of 1850 and the Fugitive Slave Act (Doc. A). The Fugitive Slave Act gave kidnappers legal permission to capture slaves and send them back to Southern plantations. Kidnappers even went as far as capturing freed black individuals. The Fugitive Slave Act increased the tension between the North and South. Impassioned northern abolitionists, strongly against the Fugitive Slave Act and slavery, revolted against this southern sought rule and dispatched warnings for the slave fugitives (Doc. C). Among the turmoil that began to befall America, any more conflicts would make the south vulnerable to secession from the union. A freesoiler did not approve of the expansion of slavery but did not mind keeping
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