The Missouri Compromise

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The Missouri Compromise The Missouri Compromise was one of the first signs of political controversy between souther states and northern states over power struggle. It resulted with congress making a cutoff at the 36 60 parallels and saying no one north will enter into the union as a slave state. This was done with the help of two men, Tallmadge and Thomas. The Missouri Compromise started as a dispute between whether or not Missouri should come into the Union as a slave state or a non-slave state. At this time there was a struggle between northern states(anti-slave states) and southern states(slave states). Both wanter to maintain power of government without the other trying to as well. This was shown when Tallmadge and Thomas both came up with amendments for congress’ conundrum. Tallmadge was a northerner who didn’t want slavery to exsist in the newly found state. Not because of the morality of it all but because he didn’t want the south to maintain more power. Tallmadge came up with an Amendment called, “The Tallmadge Amendment”in which it stated no slavery allowed to incoming states. This was quickly refuted by Thomas’ plan. Thomas had a different idea for what to do about Missouri. Instead of abolitioing slavery and ultimately giving the north more power, he made a compromise. It stated that with the exception of Missouri, no one above the 36 30 parallel could not become a slave state. As well he included that states would enter the union in two’s. For example Missouri’s free-counterpart was Maine. Thomas’ Provisio maintained equality through out the northern and southern states. Congress ended up maintaining “Thomas’ Provisio” which turned into the “Missouri Compromise.” It gave a compromise so no one had the upper-hand like our found fathers wanted. The Missouri Compromise was just the beginning of power struggles between the north adn the
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