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1. Introduction Nike, Inc. is a multinational corporation from America that design, promote, marketing and selling clothing, shoes, equipment and services. It was found on January 25, 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight as Blue Ribbon Sports and get changed to Nike on May 30, 1971. Nike is commonly known for the Swoosh logo and their slogan ‘Just do it’. It’s one of the world’s biggest sport equipment and clothing provider and manufacturer which is valued at S$10,7 billion and over 44,000 employees all over the world. Nike’s products have many branches such as Air Jordan, Nike Skateboarding, Nike +,… . Furthermore, its subordinates are quite many including Hurley International, Converse, … and they also have sponsorship with high-class athletes and sport teams worldwide . 2. SWOT analysis STRENGTHS + Innovate their own products + Make a variable price for customers + Diversify in the product offering + Make products that can highly support customers | WEAKNESSES + The company can be observed as exploitative and avaricious + The retailers may cut the wholesale price down + Bad social problem | OPPORTUNITIES + Can invest in the wearable technology + Can try to minimize the name of their different products + Make apparel that match the fashion tendency | THREATS + Currency fluctuation between various nations + The close nemesis companies are getting more aggressive + More and more new competitors | 3. General Environment 4.1 Technological Technology took up a very important role in shaping a company because of its swift development. Nike has the most integrated, up-to-date and developed technology system to match their vision. Nike remains on the top sporting products industry by crossing the boundary and pushing the limits of their technology. The most important factor that contributed to the technological success of Nike is that they make

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