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Management Information Systems (Mis) Essay

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Management Information Systems (MIS) and Various Characteristics of MIS.

Management Information Systems (MIS).   A management information system has been defined by Davis & Olson as " a n integrated user-machine system designed for providing information to support operational control, management control and decision making functions in an organisation. The information systems make use of resources such as hardware, software. men, procedures as well as supplies." As the above given definition indicates, the Information systems are meant for supplying, and not generating, the information to various managers involved in the decision making process. The information systems are expected to provide processed information to the decision makers at various management levels in different functional areas throughout the organisation. To understand the management information systems, it is possible to define it into three constituent components:

      Management: Management has been defined as a process, a function, a profession dealing with the activity of getting the work done with and through people. The various functions of managers include directing, controlling, staffing, leading and motivating.

      Information: Information could be defined as sets of facts, figures and symbols processed for the current decision making situation. The information is considered to be of significance in a particular situation.

      System: A system is defined as a set of related components, activities, processes, and human beings interacting together so as to accomplish some common objective.

Putting all these three components together, it could be seen that Management Information Systems are sets of related processes, activities, individuals or entities• interacting together to provide processed data to the individual managers at various levels in different functional areas.


      a) The Management Information Systems are primarily meant...

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