Hrm/531 Week 4 The Organizing Process

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The Organizing Process May 26, 2014 The Organizing Process A company’s organization is an ever-changing, dynamic process in a living entity that is on a mission to excel to its highest capacity. For an organization to reach such heights it must grow and become more efficient, effective, powerful and innovative in order to succeed in today’s globally competitive markets. Our world today has advanced into a global market; which makes it imperative that businesses of all sizes expand globally in order to stay competitive and thrive well into their future. This paper will discuss the benefits of organizing an organizations structure and the primary functions associated with it. Furthermore, it will examine the five-step process of organizing and consider the concept of authority in organizational management and the impact authority has on fostering change in an organization. In addition, this paper will also discuss why people resist change and what managers can do to overcome resistance. Last this paper will review an organization that has gone through a change process and the…show more content…
The second two are reward provision and information provision also referred as ‘integration of effort’. Division of labor is a classification of the tasks that contribute to the overall goals of the organization and then allocate these tasks throughout the organization to individuals or groups within the organization. Task division goes a step further and maps the goals creating sets of interrelated sub-tasks that are necessary in order for the organizations goals to be achieved. Task allocation is the process of mapping the task divisions to individuals or groups. The authority or leadership expedites this by matching the sub-tasks to the individuals or groups skill profiles. This is a key process and defines the boundaries of the

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