Man vs. Woman Essay

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Man vs. Woman In the article “The Puzzle of Boys”, wrote by Thomas Barlett, he focuses on the things that makes boys who they are and how they are compared to girls. When Thomas first brought about the idea to do research on boys he was shunned because at that time all of the hype and interest was on girls. The boyhood studies that were conducted in the article had said that “compared to girls boys fall behind academically because school is not conductive to the way boys learn. Guys and girls brain s are fundamentally dissimilar in many way because of how they are brought up and what is instilled in them. Throughout this passage every source Barlett got his info from it says boys tend to communicate through action whereas girls do through verbal communication. In Deborah Tannen Passage “Who Does the Talking?” She talks about the stereo type that women talk more than men. Tannen stated that Louann Brizendine (the female brain) cited that “women on average, utter 20,000 words day opposed to men who utter 7,000 a day”. Another scientist tannen mentioned was Matthias Mehl, whose purpose was to bring an end to the argument of which sex talks more. Mehl conducted an experiment where the outcome was females speak 16,215 words on average per day and men speak 15,669 words a day which is really an insignificant difference. As Tannen does her own research she states the topic in which the gender is talking about determines who talk more. When women talk about nail hair and soap ops they would talk more in that conversation and a guy would talk more in a conversation involving sports cars and tools. Topic of which the group of people is talking about will most likely determine who speaks more. The narrative “A Sporting Chance: Title IX and The Seismic Shifts in Women Sports”, go into about not jus men, but women playing sports. Back in the day men

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