Male Skin Care Product

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According to Mr. Ho, the old person respondent, marketing is more about advertisement. He explained that a big company usually consists of a team or a group of people working as a marketing team. He believed that they are doing advertisement to promote their company's products as much as they can. He gave an example; Coca-Cola company is more well-known compared to Pepsi company although both drinks have the almost same taste. He is strongly believed that there is a powerful marketing team behind the reason. Coca-Cola company put in a lot of efforts in order to make their drinks sell better. The marketing team is also doing promotion, sales or clearance sales to attract more customers to purchase their products in order to increase their sales and popularity as well. Marketing can be considered as the image or popularity of the company. People can get the product knowledge through the marketing strategies. Refer to Ms. Chen, the same age as me not studying marketing respondent, marketing is the method of the way to sell a product; a product can be services or an actual thing that a company wishes to sell. She explained that marketing is the study of the market behaviour and it has a very wide area. Marketer needs to know how to sell a product, where to sell, who to sell and what to sell. A company’s marketers market the product and create their own strategies to market the product by knowing what exactly consumer need through a survey. Marketing also includes promoting the product so people will know about it by using tools such as advertising. Based on Ms. Chin, the young person respondent, marketing is an activity which is all about sales. It refers to promotion. Marketing involves pricing, product placement and distribution when relevant. She explained that marketing begins with the customer. Customers are the people who make the business successful and this
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