Case Study Critique A Communication Plan

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Graves Enterprises: Critique a Communication Plan Scenario Graves Enterprises, Defining a Communication Plan Scenario In this scenario-based activity, you will need to review the scenario presented to you, your role in the process, and then read the viewpoints of the key employees that have been assigned to help you with this activity. Scenario Summary Continuing with Graves Enterprises and its floor care products from Week TWO, both business units are doing well. They have been focused on expansion and have developed new users of their products. While the decision to expand is part of the charter of a company, the strategic moves the company makes have implications across the three key functions â€" finance, marketing, and operations.…show more content…
Her analysis shows a breakeven for the consumer products at Year TWO if the entire campaign is conducted. The report further shows that there may be media cost savings leveraging the campaigns for both business groups, targeting advertising agency fees, media buying costs, and production expenses. However, it would require both business groups to utilize a single advertising and media buying agency. Currently, they use independent agencies. Read the YOU DECIDE scenario and using the simulation information, prepare a report. Please ensure use of APA format (see Doc Sharing ). Discuss the development of an integrated and cost effective marketing communications campaign. In your paper, which is double-spaced, be sure to answer and/or do the following: 1. Given what you read, what questions and concerns do you have for the Marketing Director of Consumer Products? 2. Which of the proposed approaches would you support? Which ones would you not support? 3. As a result of this YOU DECIDE exercise, what did you personally learn about communication planning and product sales? Can use the reference book Marketing Management by Kotler & Keller if you need any info to help answer this…show more content…
Further, the expenditure of $25 million dollars will get an additional gross profit of only $2 million. How with the additional expenditure be recouped? That apart I would like to know how the advertising will position the Graves Enterprises brand. The theme of advertising, the print layout, and the effect that the advertising will have the commercial segment is important. Further I would like to know the co-operative advertising that she intends doing. The display design and the manner in which the product will be shown to customers; I would like to know if the display will match with the advertising layout and them. The next question that I would like to know is the amount of discount the on-package coupon will provide the customer. The next point is that we want to see the trial size that will be used for

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