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Chapter two of our book focuses on all of the aspects that go together in properly making claims about modern social problems. There are many different aspects of making claims that our book properly goes into detail about. The first part of making a claim can best be described by the basic rhetorical recipe. The claim is made on specific ground, which can be described as the argument of the condition that exists, and the supporting evidence that follows. The three parts in forming a proper ground for making claims are; the typifying example, name, and the statistic. The typifying example is best described as a description of the instance, usually chosen to provide a vivid image of the seriousness of the problem at hand. The next part of…show more content…
Instead of going into great detail about this part of the chapter, a brief summary of this section can provide a good understanding of these three topics. Claimsmaking is not an easy thing to do all-in-all. There are many different aspects that a claimsmaker has to be aware of. One aspect is the audience that the claim is introduced to. The claimsmaker has to mold to the audience so that the claim can have an everlasting impression on the minds of the listeners. In other words, a claimsmaker has to create a well-crafted claim that will gain a favorable response from all of the audience members and also will achieve widespread attention from the majority of the audience. Molding a claim that reaches out to all members of the audience is tricky, but claimsmakers try to conquer this task using a variety of tactics that are formed by the audience at hand. Not only do claimsmakers have to make a persuasive claim, they also have to compete against the other claims put forth by other claimsmakers. This forms the social problems marketplace, which is basically all the claims that are trying to gain the same recognition. This means that competition in making claims is high, making it harder for a claimsmaker to have his claim be the one that gains the audiences utmost

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