Machiovelli Views on Government

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Machiavelli's view on Government Machiavelli was a great thinker of his time and almost all of his views can be related to current situations. In his essay, The Moral of the Prince, he writes about the real truth of principles a prince ought to adopt opposed to those that are imagined by the people that a prince or head of state ought to possess. The government is a twisted system and in order to do the right thing, we should try not to do the right thing but to persuade people that it was the right thing to do. There is no perfect leader, what we portray as a perfect leader is nothing but our minds going wild wanting to do good all the time. Immigration is a huge issue in America. America is seen as the country of opportunity, which is true. In our eyes America broadens the mind of people and for some its a gateway for achievement and from poverty to help people better themselves. In Machiavelli's eyes based on his views on government, immigration coincide with his point made about generosity. Being generous “you must seize every opportunity to make a big display of your giving,” which would only attract immigrants and in most cases illegal immigrants at that. In regard to illegal immigrants, if America grant legal stay, permanent residency or citizenship we will be seen as a generous country and even more people will want to come to America which could lead to overpopulation in some areas. Although American is a relatively large country, and can provide for others. If there are too much working class people America will then be forced to raise taxes one, for trying to provide for those illegal immigrants, two, to lessen the amount of money in circulation and three, America will then be seen by the citizens as untrustworthy because if they are the citizens and they are not receiving the same generosities as an outsider. The democracy of America would be

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