Patronage Pros And Cons

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“The Rebirth of Patronage: Have We Come Full Circle” Feeney and Kingsley (2008) states,“Patronage can be narrowly defined as the power to make appointments and distribute government jobs, especially for political advantage, but its social implications are much broader” (p. 167). Patronage can be used as an advantage for politicians who are running for any political office in order to win potential votes for their campaign. Most politicians are knownfor using different tactics like offering jobs, health care, and other issues that appeal to citizens. Will patronage divide or unite the United States? Patronage can have positive or negative effects on the United States while the merit system is against patronage and the spoils system is in…show more content…
Feeney and Kingsley (2008) explains, “Merit systems—remains the most effective and just means for combating patronageand identifying talented, dedicated public servants and contractors” (p. 165). The merit system is combating patronage by using dedicated public servants and contractors to put an end to corruption in politics. According to Feeney and Kingsley (2008),“Although elected representatives should play an important role in shaping publicpolicy, patronage and the spoils system have no place in achieving the amount and quality of public service that American citizens desire”(p. 163). The spoils system shares the same values that patronage stands for. Therefore, the merit systemand spoils system have different opinions on patronage. In conclusion, patronage can have positive effects on the United States. It can also have negative effects on the United States.The merit system is against patronage and the spoils system is in favor of patronage.Patronage could make the United States stronger or weaker depending on the officials who are elected in office, but it is up to the people to determine who would be honest, loyal, and respectful politicians. The word ‘patronage’ will no longer mean corruption instead it will mean loyalty to all
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