Lynx Twist T-C-B And I-D-U Analysis

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Assessment 2 Kara Tonitto 3868503 Margaret Craig-Lees Tuesday 11.30-1.30 CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Brand/product description 1 3.0 Analysis 2 4.1 T-C-B analysis 4.2.1 Target customer (T) 2 4.2.2 Category need (C) 2 4.2.3 Key benefit (B) 2 4.2 I-D-U analysis 3 4.0 Conclusion 3 5.0 References 4 6.0 Appendix 5 Figure 3.1.1 5 Figure 3.2.0 6 Figure 3.2.1 12 1.0 Introduction With every brand, product or service introduced, it is essential that marketers identify its category position, target market, key benefits and establish the level of involvement. The purpose of this report is to provide rational information and to draw conclusions on a Lynx product using marketing concepts and strategies such as the T-C-B and I-D-U analysis. This report presents an overview of product Lynx Twist in regards to its category, perceptions of the brand, target audience, and marketing communications. Individual interviews will be utilised to attain valuable research from consumers. Ultimately, the goal is to produce a advertisement storyboard as a result of this assessment, therefore the purpose of this part of the report is to provide a foundation to assist in the final product exhibited/revealed in part two. 2.0 Brand/product description Lynx, or Axe, launched in 1983 by consumer goods company Unilever, is a brand that manufactures grooming products that cater for the male demographic. While Lynx’s success and recognition is largely due to its underarm care products, the brand has also experimented with skin care, shower

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