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Lush Part: A I picked the book Lush by Natasha Friend because of the title. Lush sounds very mysterious and captivating book to read. It also reminds me of the slushy snow you used to jump in when you were a kid and it gave a chilly sensation to your feet. Another thing is that Natasha Friend has won many awards for her other books such as the Isinglass Teen Book Award (2008), the Golden Sower Award (2007), the Black-Eyed Susan Award nominee (2007-2008) and she won the Book Sense Pick award (2005). Part: B I predict that it is going to be about a thirteen-year-old girl named Sam with many family issues. One of the issues is that her dad is an alcoholic. Sam is going to start sending notes to a girl in the library, asking for advice…show more content…
Her father comes home late at night or gets lost and doesn’t come at all because of his drinking obsession. Her dad is regretful and is always promising change, but Sam can see through his hollow phony heart. Her mother repeatedly keeps believing her father and makes excuses for him, but Sam learns these words mean nothing and isolates herself from her father even more. She is constantly trying to protect her little brother named Luke from her dad because he doesn’t apprehend what is going on. She wants to reveal these secrets to someone, but she can’t tell her friends because she assumes that they will criticize her. She writes about all her worries concerning her father’s alcoholism on scraps of paper and puts the note in a library book. A few days later she receives a note from a person whose initials are A.J.K and opens up even more about her father’s alcohol abuse as well as her crush on an older boy named Drew, but later finds out that A.J.K is a boy who works at the library. After that she goes to a party with Drew and that where everything hits rock bottom for her because she starts to drink and starts telling lies to everyone, but understands what she did was inappropriate. At the end her father finally admits that he is an alcoholic and goes to rehab for
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