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Match Point Match Point is a drama film, written and directed by Woody Allen, and released in 2005. The film stars Brian Cox, Matthew Goode, Scarlett Johansson, Emily Mortimer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Penelope Wilton. The film takes place in London where a young talented tennis player, Chris Wilton, is finding it hard to make ends meet. He gets a job at the country club giving tennis lessons. He gives lessons to a man named Tom Hewett who comes from a very wealthy family. Chris meets Tom’s sister Chloe who he instantly falls for and they begin seeing each other. At a family gathering Chris meets Tom’s fiancée Nola and finds himself instantly attracted to her. She is an American up and coming actress. Tom’s family dislikes Nola because she is very different from them, money wise. Chris attempts to hide is attraction for Nola but one day she runs out of the house very upset and Chris decides to follow her. They hook up. Chris never tells Chloe and the two of them end up staying together and getting married. Chloe’s father gives Chris a job at the family company and all is well. All is well until Tom and Nola break up. This gives Chris hope that maybe he could see her one more time. Nola keeps saying it’s a bad idea but eventually they make a habit of it. Chris keeps Nola a secret from his wife Chloe and his brother-in-law Tom who ends up marrying someone else anyway. Chris falls head over heals for Nola but doesn’t want to give up his comfortable life with Chloe. He is very conflicted. As his internal confliction reaches its peak something else gets thrown into the mix of things. Nola becomes pregnant. Chris is really in a pickle. Nola wants Chris to do the right thing and leave Chloe to come raise his child with her. But Chris knows if he does that he will lose his job and his wife and his new rich lifestyle. Chris knows he has to eliminate one of the problems.
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