Lowes Foods Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Plan MKT550 V1 Lowes Foods to Go Marketing Plan Lowes Foods is a unique chain of supermarkets specializing in foods that are good for you. In business since 1954 the store offers exceptional quality and service. One attribute that sets them apart from other stores is their Food to Go program. Customers can place their grocery orders on-line by 3:00 p.m. and pick them up the same day at a convenient location. Lowes Foods will be expanding its territory into Oakland County, Michigan. Market research shows a need for this type of service in the fast paced life of the target market. Different types of promotional activities will be used to market Lowes Foods and Lowes Foods to Go to…show more content…
Employees are encouraged to participate in community activities where they live and work. The company itself has made a commitment of sustainability by offering many organic products with very little packaging and by offering a credit of $.05 per re-usable bag the customers bring with them. They also participate in fund raising opportunities for non-profit organizations and by offering donations to local charities. Their mission is to eliminate hunger, promote good nutrition and educate children (“Lowes Foods,” 2010). By participating in community activities, Lowes Foods is able to give back to the communities that they serve. Lowes Foods mission statement in which they base their business on is; Lowes Foods are “good for you”. This is evident in the quality and freshness of the products they offer. The store is stocked with grocery, produce, deli, bakery, meat, seafood and floral. While the actual brands and products offered vary from store to store, Lowes Foods is committed to high quality no matter which location is…show more content…
Lowes Foods superior customer service, rewards programs, Lowes Foods to Go program, and deli selections are unique in the grocery industry. By opening new locations in a new marketing region, Lowes Foods will increase their sales and therefore profits. A distribution center would be build to support a network of 5 to 10 stores throughout western Detroit and Ann Arbor areas. With the new locations, the goal would be to increase revenues and net income by 10% within 5 years. These efforts in customer and community service help Lowes Foods to increase their sales and therefore profits. One of Lowes Foods most successful programs is Lowes Foods to Go. The Lowes Foods to Go program is an online shopping and pick-up program where customers can log onto www.lowesfoods.com and shop online. Next they drive to the store and the groceries are delivered to the customer’s car. There is a fee of $4.95 for this service. In some markets, delivery service is available. For the purposes of this marketing plan the focus is on the at-store pick-up option only. Lowes Foods introduced a new rewards program in October 2009 and named it Fresh Rewards. This program not only allows Fresh Reward customers to take advantage of weekly sale prices, but also gives customers Fresh Rewards Cash that can be redeemed for groceries. Loyalty rewards are also offered to Lowes Foods most loyal customers (“Lowes

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