Louis Armstrong Interview Questions

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Practice Final Exam for RDG 028 Name: Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) If the most influential musician in the entire span of jazz had to be chosen, the choice might be Louis Armstrong. “His heritage permeates all of jazz to this day . . . all that we may hear today has been touched by his genius.” The myth has always been that Daniel Louis Armstrong was born on July 4, 1900. However, extensive research has uncovered his baptism papers at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in New Orleans stating that he was actually born on August 4, 1901. Armstrong was born in a poor neighborhood in New Orleans, and his parents were separated when he was very young. His father worked in a factory, and his mother was a cleaning woman. Armstrong was…show more content…
The author’s purpose in writing this selection is to a. explain the history of jazz in the twentieth century b. entertain the reader with anecdotes about Louis Armstrong. c. persuade us to listen to more jazz music in the future d. inform us of Louis Armstrong’s contribution to jazz _____ 3. The tone of the selection could best be described as a. ambivalent b. objective c. admiring d. irreverent _____ 4. The transition word however in paragraph two indicates a. cause and effect b. steps in a process c. contrast d. chronological order _____ 5. The organizational structure of paragraphs two, three, and four could be described as a. definition b. chronological order c. listing d. example _____ 6. Which of the following statements best expresses the main idea of the selection? a. Despite many hardships Louis Armstrong became a great success. b. Louis Armstrong was the first ambassador of jazz. c. Louis Armstrong was both a talented singer and trumpet player. d. Louis Armstrong, a gifted musician, had a profound impact on jazz. _____7. The selection is primarily written in a(n) _______________ mode. a. persuasive b. narrative c.
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