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Jazz Band II 18 October 2013 Mike Vax: BigBandJazz.net Mike Vax is an outstanding trumpeter who specializes in Jazz studies. On his album “BigBandJazz.net” he plays in a Ferguson-esque manor, not in terms of range, but style—playing over the band as the featured soloist. The first track on this album is “Royal Rendezous”, a Mike Vax original, which is a nice and mellow swing chart featuring tenor Scott Peterson and trumpeter Mike Olmos on the solos. I really enjoy this song because it contrasts in balance and dynamics. For example, the song at times changes from a quiet saxophone soli, to a loud shout chorus, to a uniquely created improvised solo. The second track on this album—“Love Theme from Hair”—is my favorite on the CD. I like this song because it is a soft ballad that is simplistically happy. Mike Vax delves into this tune and explores range, melody and emotion as the featured soloist. This song is not a standard or an original, but it holds a special place in my jazz repertoire. The third track, “Sunday Variations”, is a fast paced little Latin-like chart. Randy Vincent on the guitar and Rory Snyder on the Alto Saxophone have the solos. Even though I am not a huge fan of Latin Jazz, I like this song because it has a well-written trumpet soli and it has a nice chord progression. This song was not a Mike Vax original, but it was written by Howard Cespedes. Track nine—“Naked Gun”—is a medium slow minor swing chart featuring Olmos, Vax, pianist Max Perkoff, baritone Doug Rowan and bassist Mario Suraci. I like this song because it contrasts as a change of pace song for the album and because it sounds like a “dirty blues”. Track eleven, “Vax Attacks”, is a Mike Vax original featuring who else, but Mike Vax on trumpet and Scott Peterson on saxophone. I like this song because “Vax Attacks” is an upbeat swing chart filled with

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