Lost at Sea

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Lost at Sea Exercise Discussion Questions 1. Does your diagnosis of your group's interaction process help explain how well you did on the Lost at Sea Exercise? How? In comparison to how we scored, I don’t think that it is a direct reflection of the collaborative dynamics that we had. I do believe that the subject matter expertise of the group was at a deficit. Although we did spend time explaining why we had ranked the items the way that we did, we should have spent more time incorporating our ability to actually leverage the items that were available. I think that would have made a significant difference in our rankings. 2. Which people influenced your group the most? Was this influence based on perceived knowledge related to the solution or on other kinds of control? It was a collaborative effort. Our decisions were based on more perceived knowledge and not the actual skill to use the items. 3. Who didn’t get listened to? Why? Unfortunately, the only people that did not get listened to were the people that did not participate in the activities. I do wonder though if everyone expressed and incorporated all their input. I do believe that we created an environment of open communications. 4. Was diversity a help or a hindrance to your group’s performance? It was a help to the group. Each of us had experienced different things that gave us different insight to how the items could be used. 5. How was this task different from or similar to other tasks you have done as a group? This one was a little different for everyone because no one had any experience. 6. What worked and what didn’t work about your group’s process? I believe that our collaborative effort did work. I do wonder how the dynamics would have been different if more of the group was able to participate. 7. What kinds of decision situations in organizations have elements in
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