Lord of the Flies Theme: Power

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Lord of the Flies The Theme of Power Power is the ability for someone or something to have control, authority and influence Democratic government was used at the beginning of the novel. Ralph was the patriarch of this when he was elected during the vote. " ‘Let’s have a vote.’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Vote for a chief!’(Golding 18) ‘Who wants me?’ said Ralph. Every hand outside the choir except Piggy’s was raised immediately. Then Piggy, too, raised his hand grudgingly into the air."(Golding 19) The government progressively transformed into Authoritarian government. Jack was the main influence that caused this change. From the beginning of the novel Jack thirsted for power, he gained it by telling everyone that his tribe along with him would be there to protect everyone and provide them with food. Along with bribing people, he used violence and the fear of the beast to control the group. "I painted my face - I stole up. Now you eat - all of you- and I -" (Golding ) The conch was a powerful symbol from the beginning. It was the first thing to gather all the boys together to a group. The conch also gave each individual boy the power to talk while holding on to it. The Sow's head showed authority in the novel by manipulating the boys by using threats and fears. Ralph was the elected leader of the boys. He didn't strive for the power like Jack, it kind of fell into his hands. His power was very strong in the beginning of the novel but as Jack began to rebel against Ralph, the rest of the boys went along with him. Jack wanted the power from the beginning of the novel. Jack wanted everyone to vote for him while the other boys nominated Ralph to be their leader. He had a small amount of power with his hunters at the start but as the time on the island progressed, he bribed people with food and threatened them to gain more. Ralph pushed Piggy to one side. "I was chief and
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