Jack Lotf Dante's Four Fold Chart

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“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” –Albert Einstein Aside from Ralph, Piggy, and Simon, the other boys did not try to stop Jack from turning them savage. They let him get away with not attending the fire and did not say anything when he bullied Piggy. They also did Historical: Jack represents Golding when he kills the sow and this correlate to when Golding raped Dora. When Jack bullies the other boys, this portrays Golding when he bullied others. Like Golding, Jack knew how to defend himself and others, Golding during the World War II and Jack protecting the boys from the beast. Political: Hitler’s rise to power is show in Lord of the Flies through Jack and his rise of power when he leaves Ralph’s tribe. Jack used the pigs as propaganda and the boys’ fear of the beast and his promise for protection from it to get them to join his tribe like Hitler used propaganda and made huge promises to get people to agree with him. Both Jack and Hitler were aggressive and had a totalitarian rule. Moral: Envy and greed lead to Jack’s devolution. Jack envies Ralph’s power and he wants that power and control over the boys (greed). To an extent, Ralph represents the good/civilization in people, while Jack represents the bad/savagery. Whenever Jack and Ralph are arguing, it shows how the bad and the good of a person are always fighting, always wanting to come out victorious. When Jack gains the support of the boys, this shows that everyone has evil inside of them, but it's usually held back unless something triggers it to come out. Psychological Freud: Jack is the ID because he is driven by his desire for power, control, and the pig meat. In chapter 12, he tries to kill Ralph with the fire, which shows how he really wants the power and will stop at nothing, including killing, to obtain it. Also, he does not
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