What Does Piggy Symbolize Intelligence In Lord Of The Flies

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Andrea Ilena Mrs. Cunningham Language arts ¾ H 6 March 2013 Piggy is Intelligence “Action is the real measure of intelligence- Napoleon Hill”. If action is the real measure of intelligence, it would only make sense that piggy was intelligent. In the first hour of piggy arriving on the island he took action. He started by coming up with clever ideas so that life would be able to be sustained on the island. In William Golding’s, Lord of the Flies, piggy represents intelligence, by coming up with a majority of the ideas and being able to know how far, too far is. To begin with, piggy was always coming up with clever ideas. No ordinary twelve-year-old kid would wake up onto a mysterious island and take charge; piggy is no ordinary twelve-year-old…show more content…
Everyone on the island was turning into complete savages, other then him. He knew he had to keep civilized; he had to know his boundaries. In chapter nine, in Lord of the Flies the character of Simon was brutally murdered by all boys in a dancing riot, but piggy (157). He knew it was wrong, he knew what was going on, while all the other boys were taken away in the moment, that they did not even notice that they where killing one of there own dear friends. He had the knowledge, the brains, to know not to be involved in that heart twisting murder. He was like and angel among a pack of beast. After piggy had gotten his spectacles stolen by Jack, and they went to retrieve them, Jack and Ralph got into a fistfight, and piggy knew that enough was enough. He took the responsibility and broke them apart by commanding everyone to listen to him, for he has the conch. He knew it was the only way to stop Ralph and Jack from killing each other at that moment (179). He is the only one who has the intelligence to keep all things in order. In lord of the flies Piggy symbolizes intelligence, in providing helpful ideas through out the book and by knowing when too far, was just too far. In his case though, intelligence was not the winning factor, for knowledge is power, and for having power he was killed. Through out the book there are multiple ideas of how piggy symbolizes intelligence, and maybe even

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