The Princess Bride- Character Analysis

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Prince Humperdinck tries to make himself seem like a brave hunter, but as the story goes on the reader begins to question the validity of this statement. He is deceiving, greedy, and dishonest. He is extremely afraid of being called a coward. Even though he is a talented hunter, he uses his training for his own good. He hunts in his zoo of death, and tries to murder his wife just so he can start a war. Prince Humperdinck can be characterized as an evil genius, a sadist, and a tyrant. He is an evil genius because he creates the elaborate zoo of death and loves to show off his superior intelligence. Prince Humperdinck is a sadist because he enjoys cruelty, violence, and brutality. He kills for the pleasure of killing, with no respect for human life. He is a tyrant because of his bullying ways, and want for power. He conquers whenever possible, and crushes his enemies beneath his feet. He holds all power in his hands. Prince Humperdinck is not someone mess with. Prince Humperdinck can be characterized as an evil genius because he is the mastermind behind the zoo of death. He loves to hunt and bring in new animals for his contraption. He thinks he is superior to everyone else at hunting and killing. The zoo is one big elaborate puzzle he created, and he will not let anyone escape it alive. He feels like he can manipulate people and one up them all the time. He says “I know, the people are quite taken with her. It’s odd, but when I hired Vizini to have her murdered on our engagement day, I thought that was clever. But it’s going to be so much more moving when I strangle her on our wedding night. Once Guilder is blamed, the nation will truly be outraged; they’ll demand we go to war.” Prince Humperdinck is ruthless, and cares for no one but himself. He feels like he is a genius because he believes no one else can figure out what he has planned, and usually this is the
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