Lord Of The Flies-Symbolism

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I think that it’s easy to say that “Lord of the Flies” is jam packed with tons of symbolism. Probably the most obvious is the conch. Almost immediately, the boys see the conch as an item of immense power and a beam of hope in their little island society. This was probably made by its first impression, when Ralph blew on it for the first time, thus calling all the other boys. Unfortunately, due to Jack’s desire for “Doing what you want”, its representation of democracy & common sense begins to lose sight of most of the boys. Piggy was one of the few to never lose sight of this representation. The conch brought out the best in Piggy. Whenever Piggy was holding or near the conch, his confidence as well as his common sense rose tremendously. Like his good luck charm. It’s too bad that when Piggy needed it most, the savages were tired of having to listen to someone just because that someone said so, which eventually led to Piggy’s downfall. I don’t find it a coincidence that both Piggy and the conch went out at the same time. It’s almost like Piggy’s “Life line” was the same as the conch’s (As shown in the picture). The Beast…at first, the Beast is an unknown creature who watches the boys over the mountain almost god-like. It seems to be the only problem in the boys island society. But this “Beast” image couldn’t just be something imaginary, oh no. This image manifested into a late parachutist from the skies above. This image places the corpse on a tree, and tangles the cables of the parachute, making the parachutist the puppet, and the “Image” the puppeteer. What’s even sadder is that the parachutist doesn’t even know what’s happening to his body, because he’s dead. It’s sad that even though many boys tried to “see” what the Beast really was, it only took one with a just heart (Simon) to not only see it, but pity it almost moments later. The Beast, as an image,
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