Shattering Glass Lord Of The Flies Comparison Essay

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June 13, 2011 Lord of the Flies & Shattering Glass By: Bryce Chalfant On the surface, these two books seem completely different. Lord of the Flies is about boys being stranded on a deserted island and Shattering Glass about a group of popular boys transforming the class geek into Prince Charming. But in terms of theme, they’re relatively similar. Three themes present in both books are: loyalty, peer pressure, and fear. In Lord of the Flies, when Ralph and Jack compete for leadership of the boys, most of the boys show their loyalty to Ralph; by making him to leader of them. But as the book continues, and Jack becomes more savage, the boys cast off moral restraint and embrace violence and savagery. That is apparent when Jack tells the boys to “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood” (96). Jack becomes obsessed with hunting and has control over the boys because of their fear of the beast. So when told to kill the pig, they’re loyal and do so. In shattering Glass, most of Rob’s friends are hesitant to take part in his plan to transform Simon, but stay loyal to him. “That’s not real power; true power would be making the sheep like Simon. Want to test it? Make Glass popular?” (11). This is Rob’s…show more content…
Lord of the Flies has many things related to fear. All of the boys on the island are fearful of many things. Such as the beast, each other, the Lord of the Flies, and the chance of not being rescued. “The boys felt it and it stirred restlessly” (48). When one of the “littluns” told the boys of the beastie, they all start to fear for their lives. In Shattering Glass, Lance uses fear to make fun of Simon. Lance gave Simon attention, and while confused by it, Simon was frightened and curious to know what Lance wanted. “I’m curious; do you tuck your shirt into your jocks so it’s easier to wipe your ass or what?” (4). Lance used his power over Simon to lure him into talking and then making a fool of
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