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Long life span: The way to have a long life “How long we can live up to?” As this question arises, we are interested in the topic of long life span. Life expectancy is the average number of years a person expects to live. A recent study has suggested that, in most developed countries, people can live up to the age of 80. Having a long life gives you countless benefits. You must be surprised to see how many profits a long life actually offers you. Keeping a long life can start with simple things that we may not realize. Therefore, our project aims to discuss about what brings longevity and the advantages of having a long life. There are several practices to advocate longevity. To start with, the majority of the medical community states that smoking is very hazardous to your health and can often result in premature death, so you should quit smoking. In addition, it is advised to change your patterns of consumption. Living on a healthy diet is strongly considerable. In your daily life, nourishing the body with healthy food is a good practice. Make sure what you eat is thoroughly clean. You also need enough fluid each day. Purified water or tea would be best for you as they are the most effective weapon against toxins and help reduce the chance of heart attack and cancer. Furthermore, you may face a lot of things that cause you stress, so you should come up with a way to relieve those stress. The first thing to do is to be optimistic. You must keep in mind that every problem always has a solution even though it may not always be easy. Talking to your close ones, trying different relaxation, or looking at things differently can help you cope with stress and depression in your life. Besides, a regular exercise is suggested as it keeps you healthy and lowers a risk of a heart attack. Jogging 30 minutes a day is all

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