Living Longer & Healthier

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LIVING LONGER AND HEALTHIER 1. Did you know that humans are living longer. In Asia life expectancy has gone up from 42 years in 1950 to 67 years by 2005, which is wonderful. Imagine growing up in a world without grandparents!!! 2. Man has developed many new methods and instruments of treatments for this change, like the Thermometer (used to check our body temperature), the Stethoscope (listening to body sounds), the Microscope (used to magnify small objects for observation). 3. Other than instruments, medicines have been very useful in preventing disease and death and increasing our life-span, like the antibiotic drug ‘Penicillin’. We all fall sick, do you not remember the last time you were asked to take antibiotic by the doctor? Did you not get well soon? 4. How can we forget the miracle of Surgery! I have personally had a surgery when I was 5 years old. I was given anesthesia to put me to sleep so I do not feel anything while the doctors removed part of a gland from my throat. When I woke up, I didn’t feel anything. What an amazing discovery to cure us of illnesses. 5. Pasteurization is also a process still followed by many around the world. In villages and small towns where there is lack of clean water, people boil everything to kill germs in food and even boil their clothes to cleanse them. 6. The biggest challenge of this century is the problem of providing proper healthcare to the huge population of our world. Can you believe that our world population has increased from only 1.7 Million in 1907 to 6.7 Million by 2007. India is the second largest populated country with 1.140 Million people (as of 2007). 7. But I have to say, more than prevention of diseases, we should pay attention to promotion of healthy lifestyle. I agree that certain diseases could not have gone away without medication, like small pox, polio, cholera. However, we
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