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Appendix D Read each scenario and write a 25- to 50-word answer for each question following the scenarios. Use at least one reference per scenario and format your sources consistent with APA guidelines. Scenario A Acute renal failure: Ms. Jones, a 68-year-old female, underwent open-heart surgery to replace several blocked vessels in her heart. On her first day postoperatively, it was noted that she had very little urine output. 1. What is happening to Ms. Jones’s kidneys, and why is it causing the observed symptom? Ms. Jones’ kidneys are not working. She has little urine output According to Healthwise (2011), “When your kidneys stop working, waster products, fluids, and electrolytes build up in your body”(para. 1) 2. What other symptoms and signs might occur? Other symptoms are welling in legs and feet, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, feeling confused, restless, and pain in lower back (below the rib cage). 3. What is causing Ms. Jones’s kidney disease? There are three main causes; drop in blood flow to kidneys, damage from medicines, or sudden blockage that stops urine flow. I will have to say the blockage that is stopping her urine flow is causing the kidney disease. 4. What are possible treatment options, and what is the prognosis? Treatment depends on the cause of the kidney failure. The treatment could consist of restoring blood flow to kidneys, stop taking medications, or bypass a blockage in the urinary tract. Dialysis and antibiotics may be given as well. According to articles online about half of patients with kidney failure receive treatment and are cured. Scenario B Chronic renal failure: Mr. Hodges, a 73-year-old man, has had congestive heart failure for the past 5 years. His doctor has told him that his heart is not functioning well, needing more and more medicine to maintain circulatory function. He has noticed that he

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