Liver Essay

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Liver Introduction There are many organs that help our body function properly, one particular organ that plays an important role is the liver. According to Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, liver is defined as a large gland of a dark red color found in the upper part of the abdomen on the right side. Its domed upper surface fits closely against and is adherent to the inferior surface of the right diaphragmatic dome, has a double blood supply and from the hepatic lobes, left lobe, right lobe, caudate lobe and quadrate lobe (Dorland 1082). Liver is divided into three different regions, left liver (pars hepatis sinistra), right liver (pars hepatis dextra) and posterior liver (pars posterior hepatis), the latter being identical to the caudate lobe. Liver is made up of thousands of minute lobules, which are functional units of the liver. Among many functions the most important are filtration of blood, secretion of bile, excretion of bilirubin (Patton, and Thibodeau 859). Aging process affects blood supply, cells and structure of the liver. When blood supply process is decreased, liver’s metabolites and detoxification is reduced. Liver cells are reduced with age, without these cells it is hard for the body to carry out processes, which keeps the body healthy. Volume, structure and color changes within the liver aging process. Maintaining a healthy liver is vital for the body to maintain wellness. A healthy liver helps in releasing toxins, which may damage the body. Nutrition, exercise and eliminating substances will help maintain a healthy liver. This research essay will discuss information on the functions, aging process and health of the liver. Function Digestion, metabolism and detoxification are the most important functions of the liver. Liver plays an active role in the function of digestion, through production of bile. Bile is a mixture of water,
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