Literary Biography of Anne Bradstreet

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Michaela Bond Bond 1 Dr. Randolph English 241 20 February 2012 Literary Biography of Anne Bradstreet Anne Bradstreet’s road to a successful writer status began as a young girl, as her father, Thomas Dudley, “took great care to see that she received an education superior to that of most young women of the time.” (Hensley) “It is certain that little Anne studied the Scripture at six of seven.” (Campbell) Without this push Bradstreet could have become just another housewife as many women were in that time. “The year preceding Anne Dudley’s birth had seen the beginning of the most powerful influence ever produced upon people.” (Campbell) In the “second edition of her poems,.., her faith had changed. This may have been due to a growing indifference to worldly distinctions.” (Campbell) Bradstreet says when first arriving in the New World, her “heart rose in resistance,” but after she “was convinced it was the way of God,” she submitted to it and joined the church of Boston.” (Hensley) In her works she often speaks of the presence of God and without this conversion much of her works may have not been written. Bradstreet was never very strong, which led to her poem “Before the Birth of One of Her Children”. “How soon, my Dear, death may my steps attend,” describes her fear that childbirth may in fact take her life. (Bradstreet) I don’t believe it was a usual occurrence for a young woman, such as Bradstreet, to be so talented with writing. I also believe many men were likely threatened by Bradstreet’s talent, and she Bond 2 likely had no idea the effects she would have on literature. She certainly couldn’t have guessed that in the year 2012 I would be reading and learning about her impact on literature that would follow her. Ultimately, though, the biggest gain for her writing was the secret publishing and printing of a book of her poems by her

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