Lindsay Lohan According to Adlerian Theory

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LINDSAY LOHAN 1 Lindsay Lohan Accoring to Adlerian Theory Karmen E. Helmer Florida Institute of Technology LINDSAY LOHAN 2 Abstract I have decided to explore the personality of Lindsay Lohan according to Adlerian Theories. I plan to do this by delving into how her childhood experiences affected her personality development into adulthood. Within this paper I will discuss the affect her parent's volatile marriage and subsequent divorce had on her. The family constellation, and her resulting behavior; as well as the biological influences that have played a role in her very public behaviors. I plan to show that all of these experiences resulted in Lindsay's style of life, and the unconscious safeguards she uses in an attempt to protect herself. Finally I will uncover whether or not she is adequately living up to her full potential within Adler's three tasks of life. I have done extensive research about Linday's childhood, and her troubled relationship with her parents. I have done research on topics such as domestic violence and divorce, as well as neglect and biology. I've contemplated many of Adler's theories including style of life and the family constellation. Adler's theories on parental influences proved to be extremely helpful during the writing of this paper. In conclusion, I feel Lindsay's life struggles are particularly relevant to the society of today because so

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