Life as a House, the Growth of Sam

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Quyen Trinh Film Study Life As a House Everyone in this world, at some point of their life, will face the time they would understand what is the right and the wrong thing to do. The event of changing from adolescent to adulthood is called maturity. Everyone went through this process in many different ways. Depend pretty much about the environment surrounding them, one can gradually affect by their parents, relatives, multimedia, and friends. One inherited, or rather learnt, from them. An incident can trigger one to change so one can, as quick as possible, realize the right action to do. The movies “ Life As a House “ , whose author is Mark Andrus, and directed by Irwin Winkler, has a great example talked about an angry, disobedient kid has changed himself into an friendly, mature boy. Originally, after the divorce of Sam’s father, George, and his mother, Robin, he has become a self-destructive and angry kid, showed that he does not care about anything in this world any more. Sam appearance, wearing piercing and gothic cloth, dyed his spiky hair blue, is greatly showed to support these detail. Sam relationship with his mom is not in a good shape. Whenever he talked with his mom, he just yelled to her, swearing. His brothers. Sam also doesn’t recognize Peter as his father and either Peter or Sam, both of them are cold and not respect each other. Sam also not respect to his dad, hated his father, yelled when talked to him. In other words, Sam was messed up in all the aspects; his relationships and appearances. He has to go through a longs way to finally become an adult. In several interaction scenes between Sam and his dad, mom, brother, we will see the mentally and physically changed Sam and the way he treats with others. In the very beginning of the movie, when Sam’s dad took him away for the summer, Sam is totally yelled at his father, “Sam jerks away from

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