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Andre Wright 10/06/12 English H Tart The Real Tragic Hero Aristotle’s idea of a perfect tragedy states, tragedy should be arranged not on a simple but complex plan. A tragedy should incite pity and fear. A tragedy has a double thread of plot, and has an opposite Catastrophe for the good and bad. This will create more of a tragedy than a comedy. The movie illustrates complex plotting, including reversal and recognition with all the characters. In the movie Uncle Buck, shows the opposite of catastrophe for the good in the beginning of the movie. Uncle Buck seems to be living the life, going to horse races to gamble, having a girl that he is not committed to, a job that he does not go to everyday and he does not have kids to watch everyday. Uncle Buck seems to have the life that other people want. Uncle Buck’s lifestyle soon changes when he realizes what a family is when he has to watch his brother’s kids for the week. When Buck goes to watch his brother’s kids for a week, he has to give his girlfriend Chanise another reason why he will not be at work. Chanise is fed up with Buck’s excuses, irresponsibility and undependability. She resorts to ending things between them for the mean time. This then incites pity and fear into the audience. The audience can feel the pain of Buck’s breakup and they could relate. Maizey and Miles are soon attached to Uncle Buck, but the eldest daughter Tia cannot stand to know she is even related to Uncle Buck in the beginning of the movie. Uncle Buck and Tia resemble the tragic heroes in the movie. A tragic hero is a “great man who is neither a paragon of virtue and justice nor undergoes the change to misfortune through any real badness or wickedness but because of some mistake.” Tia bullied her parents seeming superior to everyone getting her way with everything, but when Uncle

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