Letters To America Angelou Analysis

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Letters from Tuan Lieu November 1, 1964 (Day One), What a day it will be serving under the might of North Vietnam. As my first day of being a Vietcong soldier we immediately get to action. Stepping into a battle field for your people’s rights, felt rather brainwashing than being committed towards your actions. I just never figured why South Vietnam never understood that communism was the best way to fit Vietnam’s strength. We received Intel four months ago that the U.S. has the right to take whatever actions the president wanted to, to defend Southeast Asia. We have prepared ourselves for any actions that the president would like to attempt. A month ago we successfully tested the atomic bomb, also having china on our side. While the poor…show more content…
Just thinking about, why would the Americas attack us in the part of the country they are trying to protect and defend? I was sent along with 20 to half thousand troops to attack Song Be, which is a South Vietnamese provincial capital. The battle seemed to take forever. Highly skilled southern troops were at our feet. We took every blow we could at them. I saw as one of my men was hit and I went to go aid him. However the southerner that had shot him came to attack me preventing me from aiding my fellow man. I was tackled and constantly punched in the face. I was seeing nothing but a concerned Vietnamese guy fighting for what he wanted and believe in. as I was on the floor the man had me at gun point. I blinked as it happed that quick the flow of blood rushing at my head. The enemy’s blood, meaning my partner that I yet to aid helped me we ever in doubt that he was at his death. I struggled to get to my partner and aid him quickly. We got to a safe zone so that we could that a breather. This battle has been going on for about two days now, and the controversy with the U.S. need to be attended to. We could not keep wasting our time with these worthless men. We withdraw with all the dignity we
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