The Influence Of Homeland Security

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September 11th, 2001 was the worse and most catastrophic day in our countries history. On that dreadful day the Twin Towers and the U.S. Pentagon were attacked. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives on that day. In this case it is quite hard to move on from such events and one can’t help but ponder to themselves could’ve this been prevented? However there is nothing we can do to turn back time but we as a country can make precautions to ensure that this day’s events won’t ever reoccur again. In many eyes of the general public 9/11 could’ve been prevented. There were signs and warnings from nearly everywhere within the government. But maybe our Government just couldn’t see a possibility that a country of our magnitude couldn’t be attacked in…show more content…
Pentagon the government has done everything in its power to ensure our safety. A total of $10.6 billion was given to Homeland Security to ensure our wellbeing. The Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS), was created to be the logo for building effective and strong communications stable for the distribution of information of the risk of attacks to all levels of government and the general public of our country, Homeland Security put more than 4,000 FBI agents to the international investigation of the September 11 terrorist attacks which with no surprise was and still is the largest criminal investigation ever in U.S modern history. George W. Bush created the U.S. Patriot Act which does many things such as expands the definition of terrorism to domestic terrorism, reduced restrictions that the government will be able to obtain information of phone records, medical information, and much more personal information they can gather to ensure our safety. Homeland Security created a website that the public can report terrorist activity and a hotline as well. Student must now obtain a student visa if coming outside the U.S. if wanting to attend school. Homeland security expands the Federal Air Marshal significantly and sent 1600 guardsmen to help secure our countries boarders. A 24 hour network was made to update energy producers about any information in regards to any threats and law enforcement. A total of $1.1 billion was distributed to all states in order for them to prepare for a bioterrorist attack. Before 9/11 not all passengers were screened and checked but now a 100 percent of passengers are now screened and checked. Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies have done a tremendous amount more things as well to ensure our safety and take every type of precaution to make sure another terrorist attack doesn’t happen again. “Every community in the country doesn’t need a bomb team, but every community in the country needs
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